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Herring Chaucer is a stunning wholecut shoe, made from fine leathers on a Goodyear welted leather sole. The wholecut is one of the hardest shoes to make. It requires one flawless piece of leather and a craftsman who can meticulously shape that one piece over the last, stitch it to the sole and finish it without a single mistake. Every gentleman should own at least one wholecut just to admire the handcraft that goes into it.

These shoes are hand-patinated individually in the Carlos Santos factory so there can be a small variation of colour from the shoes you receive to the picture on the website. We always strive to get consistency but in a hand-finished product this is not always possible and is a sign of quality.

Please note that we would only advise using a gentle wax-based cream or polish to protect carefully hand-finished shoes such as these. Harsh products such as renovating creams, high solvent based products and rain protectors may strip the carefully applied finish. If this happens we will not be able to refund the shoes although we may be able to get them re-finished at the factory for you at your cost.

The Z160 last is a very elegant shape with a chiselled toe box giving a bespoke appearance.

This is a standard fitting shoe so you can confidently order your normal UK size. Bear in mind that the toe is elongated so it may seem very roomy at the front but this does not make it too big. It should fit across your foot and your heel should not slip if it is the correct size.

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