Christie II Oxfords


Herring Christie II is a slight evolution of our original wholecut, now on a sleeker last shape that better suits it’s high-end credentials. Christie II is, like its namesake, the ultimate expression of its genre. Agatha wrote the most-read crime novels of her time at her home Greenway in Devon so she was an obvious choice when naming this shoe. Christie II is a wholecut which means that the entire upper has to be made faultlessly from one piece of leather. Think of icing a cake perfectly, each and every time, with an expensive icing sheet and you will understand why these are the apex of shoe making! This particular model is part of our Classic Elite collection so it also benefits from another highly skilled feature, the closed-channel sole stitch. This gives a more refined appearance to the sole and makes it almost indistinguishable from a far more expensive shoe. Please note that all closed-channel stitching will eventually become visible with wear as the leather is worn away.

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