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At Jacob Brian Tailors  you receive a custom experience and tailored Suits of the highest quality in both service and product

About Jacob Brian Tailors

At Jacob Brian Tailors our simple goal is to help men look and feel the best that they can every day.

Whether that be in a tailored suit, a bespoke shirt or a pair of chinos, they can walk into a room with confidence, something every man deserves.
Our skilled stylists will advise on colour, trends and styling choices, helping men create their own individual style. Not one bespoke suit walks out of the door the same as another! Our commitment to excellence ensures that every client leaves Jacob Brian happy and returns time and time again for future garments. Tailored suits wears better and lasts longer than mass-produced garments.
At Jacob Brian you receive a custom experience and garments of the highest quality in both service and product. Begin your styling journey with us by booking your appointment today.

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Huddersfield Textiles

Jacob Brian is owned by our parent company, Huddersfield Textiles, who both sell and make cloth. Huddersfield Textiles send cloth out to tailors in all corners of the globe, including Milan, New York and Savile Row!

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The History of Cloth

The name ‘Made in Huddersfield’ is a worldwide brand, resulting in these high quality fabrics becoming the choice of Kings and Princes alike.

Today with modern technologies woollen and worsted cloths are still regarded to be the best for those living in moderate and cool climates and its quality is indisputable.

Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire sits on the convergence of the rivers Colne and Holme. It was discovered by it’s inhabitants that the water which flowed from the Millstone Grit Pennine hills, gave outstanding results when it came to the washing of raw wool.

Did you know that Huddersfield has the softest waters in the world? This is what led people to say that the water had ‘magical powers’ as the washing of raw wool in this soft water produced the finest and silkiest results.
It was the local expertise and knowledge teamed up with the new industrial technology that became a match made in heaven during the industrial revolution. Thus putting Huddersfield on the worldwide textile map turning it into a wealthy town, world renowned as producing the worlds best cloth!

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