the journey
of something truly bespoke

Our bespoke tailoring process

Creating your bespoke suit from scratch takes time and follows a strict process to ensure the finest detailing and finish.


At your first consultation, we will spend some time finding out about you, colouring and the image you want to create, building ideas for style and design.

Your suit should be perfect for the occasion that you require it for, create an image that fits your personality and of course fits your physique exquisitely. We can do this at our showroom over a drink from our complimentary bar in Huddersfield.

Choose your cloth/styling

The next stage is to choose your cloth. At this point, we will have gained a good idea of what selection of cloth would be appropriate to your needs in terms of weight and colour.

You will be welcomed into our cloth room which is home to over 2000 different styles and colours of cloth.

Once you have chosen your cloth we then look to the lining, which is where we can begin to get really creative with colours and patterns.

We then move to the styling of the suit where we will take you through a step-by-step process to create the suit, choosing from options such as single or double breasted, lapel shapes, buttons, thread colours and personalised embroidery. You can even have your own signature embroidered on the inside of your garment.

Taking your measurements

This is where our expertise comes to the forefront. We meticulously take over 20 measurements, taking into consideration individual postures and balances to guarantee a perfect fit of your new suit. 

Manufacturing your bespoke suit

Your bespoke suit is now in the hands of our team who will create your bespoke suit.

The lead time is 4-6 weeks so you would now have a little wait to see the exciting results of what we have created.

First fitting

This marks the moment when you first lay eyes on your suit for the very first time.

Any adjustments will be seamlessly made, ensuring your suit is perfected for the ultimate fit.

Final fitting

The eagerly awaited day has dawned for your final fitting. This is the grand reveal where you can see your finished bespoke suit in all its glory.

Prepare to be delighted as you take home your meticulously crafted masterpiece.

Need some inspiration?

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