Good quality cloth has the ability to
move, mould and
drape to your physique

Creating your bespoke suit from scratch takes time and follows a strict process to ensure the finest detailing and finish.

custom made Suit structure

The cloth that you choose can be likened to the icing on the cake or perhaps the paint on the outside, it’s the structure on the inside of your suit that plays an important role in how your jacket looks, feels and how it stands the test of time.

Inside your jacket is a chest plate, made from horse hair, these can be created as a half or full canvas depending on the style and structure that we are aiming to create. Many custom made suit manufacturers and tailors will opt for the cost cutting option of a fixed canvas, this is not something that should be offered by a quality tailoring service. A fixed canvas is glued to the inside of the suit and the negative result of this is the suit has less freedom and movement and affects the overall comfort of your jacket.

Good quality cloth has the ability to move, mould and drape to your physique as you wear it, increasing the perfection of the fit over time. A fixed canvas does not allow this movement and also the glue in which it is fixed in with, over time, can break down and loosen, spoiling the structure and the overall lasting quality of the jacket.

Here at Jacob Brian all of our jackets are made with a hand sewn floating canvas. This method allows the jacket to adapt with the cloth as your wear it and offers immediate comfort and structure. As there is no glue involved it means it will not suffer any deterioration, resulting in a long lasting and quality product.

Quality is what counts here at Jacob Brian, we want your clothing to last for years and we pride ourselves upon the high standards that we deliver.

Suit Etiquette

How should your custom made suit be worn?