Black Stretch Shirt


Jacob Brian Black Stretch Shirt.

Composition and benefits as below;

10% elastane, 12% cotton, and 78% polyamide.
1.Stretch and Comfort: The 10% elastane provides the shirt with stretch, making it comfortable and allowing freedom of movement for snooker players.
2.Breathability: Cotton, at 12% in the blend, adds breathability and softness to the shirt, which can help with comfort during long games by keeping you cooler.
3.Durability: Polyamide (nylon) at 78% in the mix would contribute to the shirt’s durability and resistance to wear and tear, which is important for sports clothing.
4.Minimal Design: A black colour would maintain a classic and minimalistic appearance, ideal for snooker players who prefer a no-frills look while focusing on their game.
Please allow 2-3 Week Lead Time From Order
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