When it comes to suits, there’s a lot of debate about the value of bespoke versus off-the-rack. The argument for a bespoke suit is that it will last longer than a cheap one. There are also many other benefits to having your own bespoke suit made by an expert tailor, from increased comfort and better fit to knowing that no one else will be wearing your exact suit.

Bespoke suits are made to fit.

Bespoke suits are made to fit your body. You can choose the style, material and colour of your suit and we will make it to fit you perfectly. Bespoke suits also last a lifetime, with the use of high end materials there is no reason as to why a bespoke suit wont last for years and years.

With off the rack, you tend to get what you pay for.

The saying “you get what you pay for” is true in all things. In life and business. You could even say it’s true of suits.

Cheap suits are made with inferior materials and construction methods that make them look cheap; they’re off-the-rack (meaning they’re mass produced), have fewer options, and lack the fit of bespoke suits. They’ll also wear out faster than a high-quality suit because the fabric isn’t as durable or sturdy as higher quality ones. The materials are normally produced to a low quality and will only last a couple of wears until it looks tired.

The price of a bespoke suit is better value than that of a cheap one.

The price of a bespoke suit is better value than that of a off the peg suit.

The decisions you make when buying a bespoke suit are more important than the amount of money you spend on it, because they will determine how long your suit lasts and how well it fits. A good tailor will take measurements based on your body shape so that it fits perfectly, whereas cheap suits tend to be mass produced with little attention paid to individual customers’ needs and preferences & body shape.

Off the rack suits are obviously cheaper than bespoke, but the good old saying is that “buy cheap buy twice” and this really is the case when purchasing low end garments.

Key Points

  • Bespoke suits are made to fit your body. Cheap suits are mass produced and can’t be altered, so they’ll never fit perfectly.
  • Bespoke suits use high quality materials, like wool or silk.
  • Off the peg suits use lower quality materials like polyester or viscose (a synthetic fibre).
  • Bespoke suits are fully custom by the person purchasing the suit.
  • Off the rack suits are designed by the company selling them, not by the customer so there is no personal touch.
  • Cheap suits will look tired even after having them dry cleaned where as bespoke suits always look as new as the day they were made (if cared for properly of course).
  • PEOPLE NOTICE! You don’t have to be fashion guru to notice the difference between someone wearing an off the rack suit and a fully bespoke suit. The bespoke suit will fit them perfectly in every area, from the arms on the jacket to the length of the pants. Off the peg suits are often too tight or too big.


The bottom line is that if you want to look good, then it’s worth investing in a bespoke suit. You can save money by buying cheaper off-the-rack suits but they’re unlikely to last as long or fit as well as one made for your body shape and size. People have a misconception and think that it will cost an arm and leg to purchase a bespoke suit but many people don’t realise that the cost of 1 or 2 cheap suits that will last a couple of years is just as costly as a bespoke suit that will last a lifetime.

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