A blog about what colour tie to wear? Yes, you read that correctly. The idea here is not to recommend one particular color tie: rather, it is to provide information on what colour tie to wear a tie in certain seasons of the year.

Ties are important to a person’s look and this is why you should wear the right tie and why it is the perfect fashion accessory.

A tie collection from Jacob Brian Tailors Huddersfield

What colour tie to wear in summer

You should wear the tie with the matching shirt and the matching jacket for the best summer look. Use this comprehensive guide on tie colour’s for summer to figure out the tie to be worn according to the seasons.

Wearing a bright tie in the summer will make you stand out in the happier brighter days. Many people opt for light colours such as yellow, green and a light blue colour to make their outfit pop!

A tie from Jacob Brian Tailors Huddersfield

What colour tie to wear in winter

A dark colour usually fits with the darker days in the year. Many people opt for things like a black or brown tie. You can still add splashes of colour into this such as green and shades of blue.

Just because the days are darker doesn’t mean you should not be vibrant!

Man in suit Jacob Brian Huddersfield. Man is sat on stool with vibrant colours

Want to add some patterns?

Adding a tie with a nice pattern on to your collection is a great way to cover both summer and winter. It allows you to also stand out among others and to express yourself through something so simple.. A tie!

Many people opt for a paisley tie but there is countless options when it comes to patterns and you can really make it your own and make it a reflection of you as a person. It’s always good to be different.

A tie can be used in the office or casually

A tie can be used with a suit jacket to finish off the formal look or it can be used with just a shirt to create a more casual look. A lot of people just presume that you have to wear one for a job interview or a wedding but in day to day life a tie can be squeezed into more informal settings such as meeting friends at a bar or if the weather is hot you can ditch the suit jacket and style it out with a nice shirt and a great tie.

Should a Tie Be Darker than the Shirt?

No! Many people think you should put a certain colour tie with a certain colour shirt. This is not the case, and you can’t put rules on fashion!

Go with what you think looks good, with what you feel comfortable in and something that represents you and is a reflection of your personality.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on the best colour ties to wear. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.

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